Brahimi accused of 'flagrant bias' by Damascus


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Damascus denounced the international envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, as “flagrantly biased” today, casting doubt on how long the UN-Arab League mediator can pursue his peace mission.

The foreign ministry was responding to remarks by Mr Brahimi  in which he ruled out a role for President Bashar al-Assad in a transitional government and effectively called for him to quit.

“In Syria … what people are saying is that a family ruling for 40 years is a little bit too long,” Mr Brahimi told the BBC, referring to Mr Assad, who inherited his post from his father Hafez al-Assad. “President Assad could take the lead in responding to the aspiration of his people rather than resisting it.”

The foreign ministry in Damascus said Mr Brahimi’s comments showed “he is flagrantly biased for those who are conspiring against Syria and its people”.