Injured British photographer 'refused to be evacuated'


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The wife of the British photographer injured in a rocket strike in Homs has said her husband refused to leave with the Syrian Red Crescent (SRC) ambulances because he was advised they could not be trusted.

Medics from the SRC, assisted by the International Committee of the Red Cross, had entered the city's besieged Baba Amr district on Friday in hopes of rescuing the Sunday Times photographer Paul Conroy and the French journalist Edith Bouvier who are in need of medical attention. "They were advised that the Syrian Red Crescent were not to be trusted and so they refused to leave with them unless they had somebody from the British or French embassy with them," Mr Conroy's wife Kate told BBC Radio 4. The events are testament to the levels of distrust in the beleaguered city.

Ms Conroy said that she could understand her husband's rationale but said there were no other options: "I would like it if somebody in that embassy was to say 'forget the protocol, I'm going in and I'm going to help to get them out', but I know that is not going to happen."