Pilgrim divides opinion as he takes ‘hoverboard’ to Mecca


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Every year, millions of Muslims take part in the Pilgrimage to Mecca, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. This year, one pilgrim performed the tawaf on what looks like a hoverboard inside of the Ka’bah, Islam’s most scared shrine.

Watch his alternative means of transport below.

The video shows a man balancing on the hands-free Segway-style device with his hands clapsed in front of him. He overtakes pedestrians, wheelchairs and pushchairs, but no one seems to be surprised by the device.

Wheelchairs and other methods of transports are allowed in the mosque, but it is unclear whether hoverboards are permitted. The unusual means of transportation had divide opinions, with some people considering its use at the sacred site inappropriate and others supporting the idea.

Zachary V. Wright, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Northwestern University in Qatar, told the news site Al Arabiyah that the man should not be judged for his actions, as he could have a legitimate ailment.

"Muslim scholars should not judge this man on the Segway, but in no way could Islamic jurisprudence be used to justify this as normative practice", he said, stressing that "it should be clear that the Ka’bah should not suddenly be surrounding by whirring Segways.”