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Even a Zuckerberg can't always navigate Facebook's privacy settings – or so it would seem, after Randi, Mark's big sister and the website's ex-marketing director, shared a family photo with her Facebook friends only to find it floating freely in the open waters of the internet.

Like so many of the network's billion-plus users, Ms Zuckerberg probably thought nothing of posting the snap on her brother's website. It showed a gaggle of Zuckerbergs in a kitchen with exaggerated expressions on their faces as they toyed with what was reported to be Facebook's new Poke smartphone app. Billionaire Mark was in the background. But much to Ms Zuckerberg's chagrin, what was meant to be a private post intended for her friends ended up on Twitter when it was shared by one Callie Schweitzer, a New York City-based marketing executive at Vox Media, who saw it in her Facebook newsfeed. Although not one of Ms Zuckerberg's friends, Ms Schweitzer is a pal of one of other family members in the photo. When the said member was tagged, the picture, though private, popped up on Ms Schweitzer's feed, making her think it was public. "Not sure where you got this photo," Ms Zuckerberg initially said in a tweet directed at Ms Schweitzer. "I posted it only to friends on FB. You reposting it on Twitter is way uncool." The Twitter back and forth has since been taken down, but according to excerpts doing the rounds online, Ms Schweitzer responded with an apology, saying she was "genuinely sorry but it came up in my feed and seemed public."