Weekend Work: Time to soak bare-rooted trees


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What to do

* Soak all bare-rooted trees in a bucket for an hour and stand plants in pots to soak in a tray overnight before they are planted. This will keep them ticking over until you remember to water them again.

* Sow rocket (Suffolk Herbs £1.45). It is as easy as mustard and cress to grow. A new variety ‘Green Brigade’ (Chiltern Seeds £2) has very thin dark leaves. Sow seed at two-week intervals for a permanent supply of young leaves.

* When daffodil clumps become congested, the bulbs tend to flower less freely. Mark any particularly barren clumps now with a cane to remind you to lift, separate and replant the bulbs some time between July and September.

* Hyacinths that have finished flowering indoors can be planted outside with a handful of bonemeal to build them up. They sometimes take a season to recover but then naturalise well, with smaller, but more easily managed heads of flower.

What to see

* The Alde Valley Spring Festival opens today with a brilliant series of exhibitions, walks, suppers and films centred on White House Farm, Great Glemham, Saxmundham, Suffolk IP17 1LS. The programme runs to 19 May with walks on Wednesday afternoons and farm suppers on Thursday evenings. The exhibition, with new works by Maggi Hambling, is open Tues-Sun. Go to aldevalley springfestival.co.uk