Pets' corner: The ideal puppy for a two-year-old and exercise for rabbits

Your questions answered by Chamois Rose-Wood
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I recommend a standard long-haired dachshund, the most placid of the dachshund family. The miniatures can be more aggressive and the border terrier may be too boisterous. You need very clear rules for both the new puppy and your daughter. The puppy needs its own space (a crate is ideal) and your daughter shouldn't disturb it when it's in bed. Be aware that your puppy must allow your child to go near its valuable resources, ie food, bed, water, toys and chews, and this way the dog should not growl or guard them from her. But do not let your daughter snatch things from the puppy and run away, as this will overexcite it and it may chase and nip her.

How much exercise do rabbits need? Cathy Swinson, Herts

Rabbits need three hours of attention, including two of exercise, every day. Toys help: you can make your own from boxes of shredded paper or cardboard boxes with holes in - but make sure they have no staples or tape attached. Rabbits love empty toilet rolls too! Obesity is a common problem for pet rabbits and obese bunnies are at greater risk of developing other problems such as unhealthy digestive tract, foot inflammation, stress on the heart and vertebrae, and shortened life span.

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