House prices continue to rise as demand also increases


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Around 21 per cent more Chartered Surveyors reported prices rose rather than fell in June, according to the RICS, which would make it the strongest month for house prices since January 2010.

The report argues that this rise in prices is largely the result of increasing numbers of prospective buyers returning to the market. Surveyors also expect home sales to rise over the coming three months.

Peter Bolton King, RICS Global Residential Director, said: "After what has seemed like a very long wait we are finally starting to see what looks like the beginning of a recovery in the housing market. It is important to remember that activity levels still remain depressed by historic standards but the various initiatives designed to encourage the provision of finance into the market do appear to be paying dividends.

"Despite the increased interest in buying a property, our numbers continue to show that demand from would-be tenants remains firm and that rents are likely to continue to edge upwards over the next twelve months. As the cost of shelter moves higher, it is absolutely critical that the government continues to focus on its role in supporting the delivery of more new homes into the market."

Waterfords estate agents, operating across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, says it has seen a definite improvement in the housing market through the first half of the year with instruction levels up 10 per cent on the same period last year with a surge of activity in May and June. Brendan Cox, Managing Director of Waterfords said: "While we don't expect to see a return to 'the boom' years, it is a very promising sign that lenders are coming up with better multiples on borrowers' annual income and higher loan to value offers which are making it easier for people to contemplate a move."