Interiors Insider: What's your interiors manifesto?


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I love the idea of a manifesto for decorating your home – and was inspired by seeing one in an inspiringly unconventional new homes book called Things I Love (£25, Conran Octopus), by the super-successful Australian interiors stylist Megan Morton. Here are highlights from her brilliant list of house-y do's and don'ts…


Extreme makeover Your home should either be underdressed or overdressed. Anything in between can be a yawn.


Paint an entrance Ignore urges to paint one wall a feature colour. Instead, turn your attention to the front door.


Glass act Keep your drinking glasses upside down, preferably on felt. There's nothing worse than a dusty glass of Pinot!


Your face or mine? Never hang a mirror opposite your dining table, unless you like talking to your family in the third person.


Slow grow When personalising your space, start as a purist and let it evolve.


Regrets? I have a few… When you realise you can't afford to renovate, don't pin the architect's "after" picture on your noticeboard.


Pair trade And for my own manifesto? I would add: limit Ikea items to two per room. But also beware the over Habitat-ed, Bo Concept-ed or Dwell-ed space, which will look just as catalogue-y.


Walk this way I'd also champion questionable over safe, and that a room should always display something odd, even "bad taste" to swerve blandness: I have Victorian doll-heads that look like dead babies housed in Perspex boxes on a shelf, next to a trio of Run DMC figurines. Why not? Kate Burt

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