Shaolin Monk runs on water, breaks his own record

No, this is not a Kung-Fu movie, a monk from South-East China has managed to walk on water

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Shi Liliang, a monk from a Shaolin temple in Quanzhou managed a feat of biblical proportions, as he ran 125 meters across a river in the Fujian Province of south-east China.

Demonstrating the famed skills of Shaolin monks, Mr Shi broke his previous record of 118 meters across a reservoir in October 2014. To achieve the feat over 200 wooden planks were used, requiring Shi to move very quickly, tread lightly and keep perfect balance.

Shaolin monks are famous for their physical skill, intense training and knowledge of martial arts. Shi described his technique to reporters in October 2014 as “you need to be fast, but you should only take small steps”.

Repetitive training is a key part of the Shaolin way of life. They believe that physical limitations are a matter of mind and anything can be achieved with the right training. It seems to be the case with Shi, who has been practicing walking on water for the past 10 years.