Commonwealth Games 2014: Today's best events and full schedule on Day 2 in Glasgow

A look at the highlights on the second day of events

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The evening medal session in the velodrome sees Jason Kenny, whose form has deserted him since the Olympics, look for gold in the sprint but the event of the day will be the women’s individual pursuit where Jo Rowsell, Laura Trott, Katie Archibald and Elinor Barker will have an almighty tussle to claim gold for England, Scotland or Wales respectively.

In the pool it has the makings of a green and golden night for the Aussies with Advance Australia Fair set to be the most-played anthem. Early birds should look out for 17-year-old Amber Hill of England shooting for gold in the skeet over at Barry Buddon, the most distant of the venues over on the east coast near Carnoustie.  

Friday 25 July


10:30–13:00 Heats. Men: 200m Freestyle. 100m Breaststroke. 400m Individual Medley. 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay. Women: Para-Sport 100m Freestyle S8. 50m Freestyle. 100m Backstroke.

19:00–22:00 Semi-finals. Men: 100m Breaststroke. Finals. Men: 200m Freestyle. 100m Backstroke. 50m Butterfly. 400m Individual Medley. 4 x 100m Freestyle Relay. Semi-finals. Women: 50m Freestyle. 100m Backstroke. Finals. Women: Para-Sport 100m Freestyle S8. 50m Breaststroke. 100m Butterfly


09:00-12:30 Team preliminaries

14:00-17:30 Team preliminaries

19:00-22:30 Team preliminaries


13:00-17:00 Preliminaries. Men: Bantam (56kg). Welter (69kg). Super Heavy (+91kg).

18:30 – 22:30 Preliminaries. Men: Fly (52kg). Light Heavy (81kg). Heavy (91kg)


11:00 – 14:15 Qualifiers. Men: 4000m Individual Pursuit. Quarter-final: Men: Sprint. Qualifiers. Women: 3000m Individual Pursuit.

16:00 – 18:30 Semi-final: Men: Sprint. Final. Men: Para-Sport 1000m Time Trial B Tandem. Sprint. 4000m Individual Pursuit. Final. Women: 3000m Individual Pursuit


13:30-17:30 Individual all-round final:


09:00-12:30 Preliminaries. Men: India v Wales, South Africa v Scotland.

14:00–17:30 Preliminaries. Women: Australia v Wales, Scotland v Malaysia.

19:00–22:30 Preliminaries. Women: New Zealand v Trinidad and Tobago, South Africa v Canada.


10:00–16:00 Preliminaries, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals & Repechage. Men: -73kg, -81kg. Women: -63kg, -70kg.

18:00–20:45 Final. Men: -73kg, -81kg. Women: -63kg, -70kg.


08:45–14:00 Men: Pairs Round 3. Triples Round 3. Women: Singles Round 3. Fours Round 3. Para-Sport Mixed Pairs B2/B3 Round 3.

15:45–21:45 Men: Pairs Round 4. Triples Round 4. Women: Singles Round 4. Fours Round 4. Semi-finals. Para-Sport Mixed Pairs B2/B3.


09:30–13:00 Preliminaries. New Zealand v Malawi, England v Wales.

15:00–20:30 Preliminaries. South Africa v Trinidad and Tobago, Scotland v Saint Lucia, Jamaica v Northern Ireland.


08:45–17:15 Qualifiers. Men: Skeet. 10m Air Rifle. Final. Men: 10m Air Rifle. Qualifiers. Women: Skeet. 10m Air Pistol. Final. Women: Skeet. 10m Air Pistol. Qualifiers. Queen’s Prize Pairs


12:30–16:30 Men: Singles Round of 16. Singles Plate Round of 32. Women: Singles Round of 16. Singles Plate Round of 16.

18:00–21:00 Men: Singles Round of 16. Singles Plate Round of 16. Women: Singles Round of 16. Singles Plate Round of 16.


09:30–14:30 Qualifiers. Men: Team. Women: Team.

16:00–21:00 Preliminaries. Men: Team Round 1. Men: Team. Women: Team Round 1. Women: Team.


10:00–12:00 Preliminaries. Men: 62kg Group B.

15:30–18:00 Final. Women: 53kg Group A.

19:30–22:00 Final. Men: 62kg Group A