Football: Match facts

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FA Carling Premiership: Highest of the day: 35,556 (Arsenal v Liverpool). Lowest: 9,035 (Wimbledon v Leeds). Highest of the season: 44,750 (Manchester United v Everton, 22 Jan). Lowest: 4,739 (Wimbledon v Coventry, 26 Dec).

Endsleigh League First Division: Highest of the day: 18,071 (Stoke v Crystal Palace). Lowest: 5,025 (Grimsby v Oxford). Highest of the season: 28,228 (Birmingham v West Bromwich, 28 Dec). Lowest: 4,065 (Oxford v Barnsley, 2 Nov).

Second Division: Highest of the day: 9,419 (Bradford v Hull). Lowest: 2,879 Hartlepool v Burnley). (Highest of the season: 18,168 (Burnley v Blackpool, 1 Jan). Lowest: 1,077 (Hartlepool United v Cardiff City, 22 March).

Third Division: Highest of the day: 4,085 (Torquay v Shrewsbury). Lowest: 1,571 (Scarborough v Scunthorpe). Highest of the season: 12,790 (Preston v Chester, 27 Dec). Lowest: 1,137 (Scarborough v Shrewsbury, 25 Sept).

GM Vauxhall Conference: Highest of the day: 1,978 (Yeovil v Southport). Lowest: 605 (Slough v Northwich).

Scottish Premier Division: Highest of the day: 36,195 (Celtic v Motherwell). Lowest: 3,485 (Dundee v Kilmarnock).

Scottish First Division: Highest of the day: 13,357 (Dunfermline v Falkirk). Lowest: 887 (Dumbarton v Stirling).

Scottish Second Division: Highest of the day: 682 (Queen of the South v Montrose). Lowest: 268 (Cowdenbeath v Berwick).


Fastest goals (England): 13 sec: Gerard Lavin (Watford) v Millwall. (Scotland): 1 min: Kevin Kane (Berwick) v Cowdenbeath; Gerry Britton (Dundee) v Kilmarnock.

Hat-tricks (England): Justin Channing (Bristol Rovers) v Barnet. (Scotland): Peter Duffield (Hamilton) v Brechin; Willie Irvine (Berwick) v Cowdenbeath.