France's Claire Lavogez scores goal of the year candidate in Under-20 World Cup

The France Under-20 international's stunning strike came in the wake of Sepp Blatter's recognition that football must improve its treatment of women
  • @TeddyCutler

The women's Under-20 World Cup is the type of minor, well-intentioned competition likely to be hidden away in some Godforsaken dust-covered corner of the television schedule.

As with many of the attitudes towards the women's game aired in both public and private, the relative lack of importance afforded to the tournament is unfair and unjustified - as Claire Lavogez's strike against Costa Rica shows.

The France ace allowed the ball to drop across her body before hammering an unstoppable shot on the volley in off the Costa Rican crossbar.

The passing move before the goal itself is worthy of its own mention - a flick through the legs to trick the defender followed by a precise through-ball.

It's easily as good as anything Didier Deschamps' men produced in Brazil - and belies FIFA President Sepp Blatter's recent comments towards women's place in the game.

“Football is very macho,” said Blatter. “It’s so difficult to accept [women] in the game. Not playing the game, but in the governance.”

In fairness to the head of FIFA, he was speaking honestly about the problems women continue to face both on the pitch and in the boardroom. But Lavogez's goal however and others like it show that recognition for women in football is long overdue.