Committee says FA must 'set a strong example' on racist and homophobic abuse in football


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The Football Association needs to take a stronger lead in combating racism and homophobia at all levels of the game in England, according to a Parliamentary report published today.

The report, compiled by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, accepts the FA has done much to confront racism but recent high-profile cases have raised concerns that it continues to be a problem. It is down to the governing body to "set a strong example".

The committee also believes the FA needs to do more to address homophobia in the game, saying homophobic abuse remains a "significant problem". The report adds: "The FA should work with relevant organisations and charities to develop and then promote a high-profile campaign to highlight the damaging effect of homophobic language and behaviour in and around football at every level."

The committee praised much of the FA's work – it remains the only sporting body to have a race equality advisory group – but cautioned against complacency, as well as urging the need for strong leadership and better use of social networks.