FIFA 17: Scuba dive goal celebration discovered but no one knows how to do it

A Reddit user posted video footage of the celebration but admitted thay have no idea how they did it

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A Reddit user has sparked a desperate search to discover how the latest FIFA 17 celebration can be re-created after they performed a hilarious scuba dive without knowing what they pressed.

Every year, FIFA manages to find a new way to keep users entertained with updates and developments, although these are mainly through new game modes and advancements in gameplay and realism.

But there have also been new goal celebrations introduced each year to add to the fun of it, and Reddit user ‘bizzarevan’ may have stumbled across the best one yet.

Uploading the video to Reddit, ‘bizzarevan’ has just scored a goal through Aaron Ramsey while playing with Arsenal. The Welsh midfielder ran towards the advertising boards with one arm raised before throwing both arms out horizontally in celebration – nothing new here.

However, he then takes station sitting on top of the advertising boards along with Alexis Sanchez and Kieran Gibbs, and the trio suddenly drop backwards to mimic the moment a scuba diving goes over the side of a boat, though it looks much more painful with their landing a bed of concrete and seats.

The players sit on top of the advertising boards and pinch their noses... (Reddit/bizzarevan)
...before falling backwards to mimic a scuba dive (Reddit/bizzarevan)

The three are then picked up by their Arsenal teammates to continue the celebrations, and FIFA users have heralded it the greatest celebration to come to the game, so much so that they want to know how to do it in order to recreate the move.

The one problem is bizzarevan has no idea how they did it. “I have no idea how I did it. But I think you just have to run to the advertising boards and they would just do a random celebration with it," they added in the post.

A glance at the rest of the comments though suggests it may be a random process that involves finding enough space to run to the side of the pitch where there is not a camera or corner flag nearby.

One user by the name of ‘ronaldo119’ commented: “You do it by running to the advertising boards just like running to the camera. It's kinda tricky to do because you have to find where you have a clear route to it or else you'll be sucked into either the camera, your teammates or the corner flag. The one time I've done it my player laid across it like a model posing.”