Boxing: David Haye was advised to fight Vitali Klitschko

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David Haye was advised by Golden Boy Promotions to take on Vitali and not Wladimir Klitschko, according to their chief executive Richard Schaefer.

Haye is considering his future following his overwhelming points defeat by Wladimir, generally regarded as the weaker of the Ukrainian brothers, in Hamburg on Saturday night.

Golden Boy, founded by Oscar De La Hoya, co-promoted the show at the Imtech Arena but had identified Vitali, not Wladimir, as a more suitable opponent for Haye.

"Oscar De La Hoya and our matchmakers actually liked Vitali more than Wladimir," said Schaefer.

"That's because Wladimir's the more athletic one while Vitali's more robotic and has greater difficult moving.

"David's strength is his athleticism, movement and speed. That would be magnified against Vitali, because Vitali is so mechanical.

"I don't like to interject myself if I feel like my opinion is not wanted. If they (Hayemaker) want to do it by themselves, then let them.

"We did mention what we thought to (Haye's trainer) Adam Booth."

Schaefer was unmoved by Wladimir's performance and scathing of the Klitschko's reign over the heavyweight division.

"It takes two to tango...did anyone think Klitschko's performance was exciting? I wasn't impressed by him," he said.

"If he's that strong, mean, beast from the east, he should have gone for the knockout. He didn't.

"Why didn't he take more risks? Because he was winning and if you fight with that mentality you'll be known as a boring fighter, which is what he is.

"In the States do you think anybody cares about the Klitschkos?

"They have dominated the division but people couldn't care less about them.

"To be the heavyweight king you should expect more than just winning. I'd still rather watch David Haye than either Klitschko."