Brawl breaks out between Thai badminton players at Canada Open men's doubles final


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Chairs and fists went flying on court at the Canada Open over the weekend as two Thai badminton players got into a fight after the men's doubles final.

The former badminton partners Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit, who played side-by-side at last year's Olympic Games in London, ended up brawling straight after the game ended due to 'bad blood' between them.

In shocking video footage Bodin can be seen chasing Maneepong across the court and at one point throws a chair at him. Maneepong vaults over barriers and runs under the net to escape, however his former partner catches up with him and starts attacking him before he is pulled away.

This was the first time the pair had played against each other since their split and it was clear that tensions were flying high in the build up to the fight. The players were given a warning from the referee earlier in the game after there was an exchange of angry words.

The Badminton Association of Thailand (BAT) has issued Bodin with a two-year ban for physical assault while Maneepong received a three-month ban for provocation. The BAT have launched an investigation into the incident and further penalties could follow. Both players have since apologised for the incident.