Clothesline from hell: Court invader punched by basketball player

Video: Think Paolo Di Canio's push on a referee was the ultimate in sporting retaliations? Think again

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There have been many a pitch invader in football matches over the years, there abundance perhaps dictated by the fact they usually end up playing a ridiculous game of tag with a policeman, or in some cases they even get to take a free kick.

Yet the reaction by one basketball player to a fan invading the court in Montenegro will probably act as a deterrent against anyone ever trying such a stunt again.

The incident took place during a Eurocup basketball game between Montenegro's Buducnost Podgorica and Turkey's Banvit Bandirma at the Moraca Sports Center. The video shows a Banvit player missing one of his free throw attempts when a fan runs onto the court and pushes another one of Banvit's players.

Almost immediately, Banvit player EJ Rowland seeks retaliation and clotheslines the fan from behind, knocking the fan face down onto the court with some speed. It puts Paolo Di Canio's push on referee Paul Alcock in 1998 to shame.

A scuffle ensues between Rowland and the fan as other players and officials run to instill some calm to proceedings.

The incident caused a 15 minute delay, with the fan being led away by security.

While Rowland and another team-mate, Sammy Mejia, were sent off, Banvit won the match 74-68.

Rowland and his team-mate Sammy Mejia were both sent off, but Banvit managed to win the game 74-68.