Hockey: England have to settle for draw

Argentina 2 England 2
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A HOTLY-DISPUTED penalty corner award two minutes from time led to Santiago Capurro equalising for Argentina as England drew 2-2 in the second game of their tour in Buenos Aires on Sunday.

England, showing much improved form from what they displayed in their 4-4 draw last Thursday, started strongly with the substitute Calum Giles putting them ahead two minutes before the interval at a penalty corner he had earned himself.

With Danny Hall forcing his way along the by line to score a second goal for England 20 minutes into the second half, an England victory looked probable.

But within a minute, Argentina had pulled a goal back through their captain Carlos Retegui to lead to a tense finish in which England conceded that late equaliser.

England's coach, Barry Dancer, gave first caps to Canterbury's goalkeeper Simon Triggs and Bournville's medical student, Tom Bertram.

Dancer commented after the game: "It is pleasing to see the two new players play so well today. This augurs well for generating greater depth in our National squad.

"The challenge ahead is to maintain progress in the gruelling programme ahead of five games over the next seven days."

England play South Africa this evening.

Argentina: R Schmit; E Paulon; M Pellegrino, R Perez, C Retegui Capt.; J Lombi, R Vila, S Capurro; T MacCormick, A Casteli, G Orozco. Substitutes used: F Moresi & M Vila.

ENGLAND: S Triggs (Canterbury); M Johnson (Cannock), J Halls (Cannock), T Bertram (Bournville), B Waugh Capt. (Southgate); D Woods (Southgate), B Garrard (Teddington), R Garcia (Harrvesthuder); B Sharpe (Cannock), G Cover (Havant), M Pearn (Reading). Substitutes used: C Giles (Southgate), B Barnes (Reading), J Wallis (Teddington) & D Hall (Guildford).

Umpires: J C D Petillo (Arg) & C Hough (Eng).

n In Wales, Swansea have won the Women's Midland Bank Welsh League while their men have appealed against the forfeiture of their game against Weston- super-Mare in the West of England and South Wales Premier Division. Weston understood that the match had been rescheduled to take place at their ground, while Swansea waited in Wales. Swansea forfeited the match because the League maintained that they had been informed of the switch.