Button fit for work-out in heat of Malaysia

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Jenson Button and David Coulthard, Britain's hopes for glory in this Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix, expect a gruelling weekend. Button, in particular, has unhappy memories of dehydrating here in the steaming heat and humidity.

"A few years ago I got very dehydrated towards the end and started shivering in the cockpit. If you're not careful your eyesight starts to go too, and your performance definitely drops off. I drink five litres of liquid before the start, and have a litre drink bottle in the cockpit." Button is at a peak of fitness after a winter of working out, despite a disappointing fourth place in the opening race in Bahrain.

Coulthard, however, will start near the back of the grid. Under the rules he gets a 10-place penalty as his Red Bull Ferrari engine failed after he had taken the chequered flag in Bahrain. "If I'd stopped before the flag I would have been OK," the Scot said, "but the FIA [motor sport's world governing body] don't like you doing that. The rules are the same for everyone, but it's a shame that one can't be reviewed."