Roger Mosey: Our magic Mo-ments left me so proud to be British

My Olympics
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I'm afraid my favourite moment is a rather obvious answer – Mo Farah's second gold. The atmosphere, the noise, the support for him, I was there with my family, and it was just incredible.

I'm an Arsenal fan, and I remember him coming to the Emirates to show us his world championship gold medal, so that made it more special.

But the event I enjoyed most is the handball – a great sport to watch. One joy of the Olympics is finding sports you didn't know much about and watching some really great players. It's physical, fast and high scoring.

But my abiding memory will be that the BBC, as a broadcaster, felt like we were with the nation, whether they were outside our studio in the Olympic Park or watching at home on television. The country wanted to enjoy the Olympics, and we were able to deliver it to them.

One of our pundits said to me yesterday: "I've never been so proud to be British." I knew exactly what he meant.

Mosey is the director of the BBC's Olympics coverage.