My Olympics: Hamadou Djibo Issaka

'It is very strange to be famous'
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"I have loved every moment of the Olympics. I only took up rowing three months ago so my ambitions for London were modest. I gave of my very best on the rowing lake and the crowd were fantastic to me.

I loved the support that was given to me. The British are a generous people and it helped me in all of my three races.

It doesn't matter to them that you are not the winner, they give encouragement to us all.

It is very strange to think that I am famous, that my picture has gone all over the world and even that I am famous back in Niger, where I have never even rowed because I did all my training in Tunisia.

I love England. It is a beautiful country. I love your motorways and your markets and the people. I have been to Oxford and seen so many marvellous things. I will continue with my rowing. This is now my life. And I hope to be in Rio in four years' time, inshallah."

Hamadou, 35, is a Niger rower, aka The Sculling Sloth