Sporting Digest: Bowls

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SANATOGEN ENGLISH ASSOCIATION NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Worthing) Pairs, first round: A Theobald and D Webb (Gateshead) bt G Moon and R Macpherson (Banbury Borough) 19-9; D Colbourne and K Mitchell (Bolton) bt B Taylor and N Perkins (Old Colfeians) 24-8; R Richardson and S Lant (Portland) bt J Keightley and J Hills (Sandy Conservatives) 31-7; J Fuller and M Hughes (Syston) bt M Leafe and R Howlett (Nottingham CS) 24-15; V Rule and D Coopey (Barbourne) bt S Riggs and J Preston (Motcombe Gardens) 20-19; P White and R Jeffery (Shanklin) bt G Beeby and H Stott (Buckden) 32-16; D and R Morgan (Boscombe Cliff) bt B Pope and J Walker (Isleham) 24-13; M Catlin and B Vicarage (Chandos Park, Bucks) bt N Cummings and R Graham (Marske) 28-13; J Hay and J Simmons (Garston) bt R B James and A R Smith (Camborne) 27-13; P Peakman and A Wyatt (Marlborough, Ipswich) bt J Oates and T Cole (Harlow) 20-13; T Perkins and I Middlemast (Bath) bt S Remington and A Moore (Spencer, Melksham) 24-13; M Long and D Ward (North Walsham) bt R Bancroft and J Farrall (Poplar) 25-9; B Buttler and D Caldwell (Stratford-upon-Avon) bt R Johnson and J Wickham (Totnes) 18-17; B Deane and K Jackman (Horncastle) bt H Granger and E Gleed (Frampton on Severn) 16-15; F Purkiss and C Thresher (Woolston and District) bt D Bartle and M Oldnall (Brintons, Worcs) 21-18; E Collins and J Evans (Torquay) bt G Smith and A E Thomson (Blackheath and Greenwich) 27-9; C Beecher and A Longfield (Selby) bt D Blackmore and A McGuinness (Whitehaven, Cumbria) 16-15; R and D Thompson (Cutler Hammer Europa, Bedfordshire) bt D Blewett and M Owen (Hounslow Sports) 22-11; K Wood and M Bennett (Ponteland) bt R Quinton and R Pearson (Rosedale, Herts) 22-20; E Cavanagh and W Harrison (South London) bt W Jackson and A Hall (Lincoln St Giles) 25-14; P Fordham and K Kent (Cambridge and County) bt R Jones and L Williams (Leominster) 22-9; S Pryor and S Clarke (Ryde Marina) bt I Ward and M Royal (Rookery, Suffolk) 17-16; A Trebillock and P Rowe (Chacewater) bt A Spencer and M Sharpe (Kings Thorpe) 32-7; J Weston and P Barker (Didcot) bt M Roe and I Griffin (Long Eaton Town) 23-12; G and A Irons (Knighton Victoria) bt S Ellis and A Farrow (North Walsham) 21-10; H Barker and J Thompson (Silksworth, Durham) bt R Colbourne and D Sharpe (Banbury Borough) 21-18; B Rawlins and P Barham (Aveley, Essex) bt R Taylor and M Tomberry (Poole Park) 19-18; A Bull and P Butler (Southbourne) bt G Green and S Smith (Wolvey, Warwickshire) 22-10; B Morley and P Goulding (GPT, Notts) bt A Gough and D Gibbard (Chandos Park, Bucks) 20-18; M Coles and I Danford (Bristol) bt D Hilton and I Keen (Peterborough West Ward) 27-5.

Second round: Didcot bt Croydon Gas 21-20 (after extra end); Gateshead bt Bolton 24-19; Syston bt Portland 20-16; Barbourne bt Shanklin 17-15; Boscombe Cliff bt Chandos Park 21-14; Marlborough bt Garston 22-15; Bath bt North Walsham 23-17; Stratfordupon-Avon bt Horncastle 25-13; Torquay bt Woolston 27-14; Selby bt Cutler Hammer Europa 19-17; Ponteland bt South London 24-14; Ryde Marina bt Cambridge 22-18; Didcott bt Chacewater 28-12; Silksworth bt Knighton Victory 27-10; Southbourne bt Aveley 23-15; GPT bt Bristol 20-15.