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1 Which sportsman became the Godfather of Soul?

2 Which over-zealous Blackburn midfielder robbed Chelsea of their Flying Dutchman for up to six weeks?

3 Which player undergoing a real confidence crisis could be saying "Adios" to Arsenal?

4 Who was in the right place at the right time, but failed to net in the "thriller at the Villa"?

5 Preston North End fans have been bowled over by requests to wear what to future matches?

6 Which Irishman has his sights locked on 70 not out?

7 Which Super League side have sponsors in high places?

8 Why has Mianne Bagger's clearance to play in the women's British Open raised more than a few eyebrows?

9 Which sport's season may be frozen out due to financial disputes?

10 Who, unable to bowl and bat and staggering around on crutches, is still fit for racing?

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