SW19 Diary: Pippa leaves Barton and Co in the shade

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The diary has noted before the lack of footballers at the Championships but Joey Barton came to the rescue yesterday by turning up on Centre Court – Barton's doing the English summer circuit, having been at Glastonbury last weekend.

What odds the estranged Newcastle midfielder popping up at the Henley Regatta next week? Also there to watch the men's semi-finals was Jack Wilshere, who went along with Perri Shakes-Drayton, one of Team GB's rising stars. Not that you would have noticed them if watching on TV, as the BBC is apparently under contract to cut to Pippa Middleton during every break in play.

Mac makes brief return to old days

John McEnroe is joining Bjorn Borg in the pants business. McEnroe has designed underwear for Borg's clothing brand that, I'm told, "will have an air of the Eighties". The diary remembers his Eighties pants, roomy Y-fronts that were sometimes decorated with a football club badge, and can't imagine a rush to buy Mac's smalls, but some of the proceeds go to his charity, the McEnroe Foundation, so it's all worthwhile. It would, of course, be in extremely poor taste to joke about getting angry if any balls are out. Mind you, with roomy Eighties Y-fronts that was always something one had to guard against.

Limits to freedom of future information

One more day and the Wimbledon information desk will finally be able to answer a query it received on day one of the Championships. The desk, located beneath Centre Court, prides itself on providing prompt answers – it's the Wimbledon way – but even they could not say for certain who would win the men's singles title.

Read all about it: Indy's feats make Judy sit up

The name Indy de Vroome caught our eye early – there are not many competitors called after this newspaper – and she's still going. The unseeded 15-year-old from the Netherlands has reached the last four of the girls' singles and has Judy Murray tipping her for great things.

Broady raises the bar with wrong end of stick

Misunderstanding of the week. During Liam Broady's press conference he was asked what his father did for a living. "He's a landlord," said Broady. Questioner: "Will he do a free bar if you win?" Broady: "He's not that sort of landlord."