Britain's oldest graduate: 'Suduko and crosswords seemed a bit non-productive'

93-year-old man earns arts degree from Open University

A 93 year-old man has become the oldest graduate in the UK after receiving an Arts degree from the Open University

Clifford Dadson, from Cumbria, studied Arts after his wife, Rae, passed away in 2009.

The former electrical engineer, who graduated last month in a ceremony at the Barbican centre, is now the oldest graduate in the country, beating 90 year-old Bertie Gladwin, who previously held the record.

He hopes his example will encourage more people to feel it is never too late to take up something new, saying, “it was a joy to be with young people who now had the world at their feet.”

Mr Dadson said: “I spoke to many graduates from many different nations and backgrounds, all of whom were so much younger than I, but it made me feel young at heart.”

He was born in 1919 and, after the Second World War, started work in the labs of Standard Telephone & Cables.

From there he worked in control and communications, taking evening classes at the Northampton Polytechnic (now City of London) in Electrical Engineering. Later recognised as an expert in his particular field, Mr Dadson was flown round the world to speak.

After his wife’s death, he said felt he was ‘not old’, and that “sudoku and crossword puzzles seemed a bit non-productive".

“I needed something to keep me going, so I decided to take up studying again,” he said.

Christina Lloyd , the director of teaching and learner support at the Open University, congratulated him on his degree, saying it proved there was no age barrier to success.

Mr Dadson has now vowed to continue studying and has already signed up to a religious module with the university.

“That should give me some food for thought,” he said.