Oklahoma student Isis Brown posts emotional video onto Facebook telling others with the same name to ‘love and cherish’ it

Video, which has been viewed over 104,000 times so far, reminds others the name is actually from the Egyptian goddess of love

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A young student has posted an emotional video clip onto social media urging other people with same name as herself to “love and cherish” it after revealing how she has been bullied for the past three years.

14-year-old Isis Brown from Oklahoma in the US revealed how she has even had to change schools after being referred to as “a terrorist” who is “killing people” for having the same name as the jihadist militant group, Islamic State.

The seventh-grader, who is now at Nathan Hale Junior High in Tulsa, described how, on a daily basis, she wants to stand in the middle of the school hallway and “just cry” after being teased by her peers. She said: “I had people come up to me, ‘Why are you killing us Americas?’ I’m an American too. How are you going to say that?”

She goes on to give her tormentors a dose of their own medicine by revealing how the name Isis actually comes from “the goddess of love.”

Speaking with KJRH news about naming his daughter after the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom, Isis’ dad, John Brown, said people have “always loved her name” and “thought it was the most beautiful, unique name.” He added: “People always wondered where she got it from.” 

For other people with the name Isis who may be experiencing the same as herself, the teenager parts with some wise and strong words: “Don’t do what I did. Don’t start skipping classes because you’re scared of being made fun of. Don’t just go hide somewhere and cry. No, you be the bigger person.

“Love your name, cherish your name. I’m still learning - and I know you guys are too - but, in all reality, you’re named after a goddess.”

On Monday, Isis shared another video. This time, and in lighter spirits, she thanked all those people who have commented and shared her clip.