ICBS – Thessaloniki Business School

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Age: 34

History: ICBS is an undergraduate and postgraduate educational institution, founded in 1977 by a group of business leaders. The college aims to combine the best of European and local business education using innovative methods of learning and state-of-the-art technology.

Address: In Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city, with daughter companies in Athens and Larissa business centres.

Ambience: The mix of internationally educated faculty from top business schools from around the world provides students with a diverse and global perspective, and exposes them to worldwide business experience. The Bachelor programmes run in Thessaloniki and are offered in Greek. The Masters programmes are offered in all three locations in Greek.

Vital statistics: There are currently six Bachelor degrees in business and 14 Masters degrees on offer. All programmes are recognised and fully accredited by the Accreditation System of Kingston University, London, UK; the British Accreditation Council; and the British QAA. The MBA is recognised by the Association of MBAs. There are about 700 students in Greece, and ICBS has a placement office for its students.

Added value: An educational philosophy that integrates the latest concepts and theory in management with knowledge of their practical application. This is embodied in the intensive use of team exercises, case studies, simulation games and “live” projects. Links with the business sector ensure exposure and training in the actual practices of the business people.

Easy to get into? For entry requirements for each degree see www.icbs.gr

Glittering alumni: A lively alumnus association operates in Athens and Thessaloniki. Alumni occupy prestigious places in the business sectors in Greece.

International connections: Kingston University in the UK is a long sustaining partner.

Student profile: The average age of part-time MBA students is 32. The male and female ratio is 72:28.

Cost: Details available from the business school.

Return on investment: On average it takes three to five years to recover the cost of studying in the MBA.

Who's the boss? Dr Rigas D. Tzelepoglou is the president of ICBS, and a visiting professor at Kingston University.

Prospectus: +30 2310 69 85 98; www.icbs.gr; icbs@icbs.gr