10 top tips to turn student halls into home

Our guide to changing four bare walls into a true home away from home - on a budget

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Leaving the safe haven of your family home to be met by a cold, uninviting room in halls can be an unnerving experience. Feeling homesick is natural when starting university, and with many students travelling miles from friends and loved ones, settling in to new surroundings as quickly as possible is the aim.

Your college bedroom will be invaluable as a place to ‘take a breather’ from the craziness of freshers’ week - and everything else that first year throws at you. You’ll eat here, sleep here, entertain friends here and pass out at 3am here.

So how important is transforming a bare rectangle of space into a home away from home? We say very. Fear not, however, for pimping out your new pad needn’t annihilate your loan. There’s a whole range of cool and colourful things out there to choose from but to save some of that much-needed cash, you could always give our DIY tips a go.

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