To a few pessimistic nitwits, the London Student bar scene is something of an unattractive character of the capital. With fears of overpriced, watered down drinks in an environment so full of hostility and snobbery there is no room left for fun, some foolish students head North, South, East and West to find refuge in some of the more obvious student cities.

But really, there's no need, and in an effort to find a top quality bar that won't break the bank, some extensive research has gone into helping young Londoners in this increasingly expensive city...

Moonlighting, Soho

In the heart of Soho’s winding streets hides a bar with a Wednesday night that makes any student’s Thursday lectures so much worse. For many students living in London, Moonlighting will be a familiar midweek rest-stop; boasting drinks at £1 each, the event - the infamous Cheapskates - is one which will unearth regretful memories among many (sorry guys). With carpeted floors and suspiciously low-priced alcohol, Cheapskates is a night you will most definitely not remember but will learn to love.

The CLF Art Cafe, Peckham

Otherwise known as the Busey Building, this South London nesting ground for London’s student hipsters describes itself as the "21st Century Church of the Chill". And chill it does - and rave, and jive, and chicken dance, and bounce up and down. Playing a broad range of music, it has a night to serve the most flamboyant of taste. As one of the leading shrines for the creative arts, the Busey Building is full of friendly and enthusiastic students and young professionals dedicated to having a good time. For those who aren’t interested in making the ceiling sweat, there is a panoramic rooftop, monthly plays and regular showings of indie films.

Roxy, Fitzrovia

In the heart of London’s shopping epicenter, branching off from the high street fashion hives of Oxford Circus, lies one of the flagships for a student night out in London. After flashing a student ID and paying a respectfully competitive cover charge, students head down into the basement of the Roxy where they are thrown into a swarm of contemporaries from all backgrounds and countries. Whether there for a few drinks and a chat or a dance along to the sound of the latest hits, the Roxy’s half-priced cocktail pitchers will ensure all participators are satisfied.

Bar Kick, Shoreditch

For students who are so busy they have forgotten how to relax, keep yourself preoccupied while you socialize with a game of table football. Crammed into the crowd of bars and clubs Shoreditch has to offer, Bar Kick presents students with a uniquely chilled evening. At street level, it seems like any other bar, offering low priced snacks and drinks for any palette. Heading downstairs you'll find almost a dozen table football tables replacing the dance floor, giving it a competitive edge to an evening away from coursework.

The Court, Tottenham Court Road

For a low-intensity, affordable meal and drinks on a Sunday before a week of stress, tube delays and that one pointless lecture, head over to The Court on Tottenham Court Road. Combining the perfect combination of traditional pub comforts with student prices, the central London pub offers an oasis of calm as you catch up with course mates and forget about the stresses of being a student in this sometimes inhospitable city.