Game review: MotoGP 08

Format: PS3, PS2, PC, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360; Publisher: Capcom; Price: £39.99
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MotoGP 08 claims to offer the most realistic motorbiking experience available and it’s certainly the most authentic in terms of the licences: not only do you get to race alongside real-life riders, but all the teams and the tracks are faithfully represented. Capcom have also provided three different settings – simulation, arcade and advanced – in an attempt to attract more than just the bike nuts.

While the arcade setting means you don’t have to worry about front- and rear-braking, you’ll still have to get used to following the racing line and careful use of the brake.

The graphics are solid rather than spectacular, but using the first-person view gives you a real sense of speed as you lean into the corners.

There’s no doubt that if you’re a keen follower of MotoGP you won’t find a more complete experience, but that probably makes this one for the true fans.