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The five weirdest PSA adverts in history

From killer fridges to children being picked off one by one for road safety violations - here are some of the weirdest ways authorities have tried to communicate with the public over the years

Hal Needham: Film director who started out performing stunts and went

After thousands of film and television stunts in which he developed innovative techniques and technology, Hal Needham became Hollywood's highest-paid stuntman, commanding $25,000 a time. He also directed his own screenplay for the comedy-action film Smokey and the Bandit. It was one the highest-grossing films of 1977, beginning a franchise that saw two cinematic sequels and number of television movies.

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WWE wrestles with mystery of anonymous Reddit user 'Dolphins1925' who

If you ever saw Hulk Hogan beat “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, you’ll know that pro wrestling is nothing if not predictable. But even fans who keep a ringside eye on their muscle-bound heroes would struggle to forecast the outcomes of 38 straight WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) bouts in a row.