Alicia Keys

Magnetic Man: A group with sticking power

With dubstep entering the mainstream – especially with Mercury Prize nominee Katy B's pop blend of the genre – it may be a surprise to some teenagers that dubstep is not a new thing.

How We Met: Alicia Keys & Leigh Blake

She's a global superstar and I'm cockney as anything. But we both come from the shit-holes of the world – she grew up in Hell's Kitchen and I grew up in east London – so we understand each other.

Alicia Keys, 02 Arena, London

Alicia Keys has never struggled to draw in the arena crowds thanks to her jaw-dropping talent, beauty and stirring songs.

Album: Whitney Houston, I Look to You (Arista)

"Don't call it a comeback, no, I been here for years/Through all the drama and the pain and all the tears", sings Whitney on "Salute", one of a couple of songs here custom-built for her by R Kelly.

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