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Ping Pong: The tables have turned

From Dave'n'Barack to trendy club nights and Boris's wiff waff, we can't get enough of ping pong. Howard Jacobson sings the praises of a great game, while Will Dean looks at the healthy state of table tennis in Britain

Letter from the editor: The man from the Pru

In Seventies south London, a ring at the door on a Wednesday evening would induce panic in my poor Ma. “Quick, hide the wine!” she would hiss at pre-teen me, so the man from the Pru wouldn’t know we drank Chianti and think we were rich.

Restoring Rubens' Cain Slaying Abel

An epic campaign of restoration of Rubens' masterpiece is underway at the Courtauld Institute of Art. The Independent Online talks to the restorers and reveals the progress in pictures

Soapbox: ‘Look to collaborate with those who can do what you

The Inuit have a saying: “The storm is the time to fish.” That’s a pretty apt metaphor, given the economic storm that’s been swirling over our collective heads for a while now. The situation may be easing, but it has certainly given us pause to think – if you will, a chance to poke our heads outside our igloos and fish for some new ideas. Here are a few.

Aaron Johnson on being John Lennon

Aaron Johnson, who plays the young Beatle in the forthcoming Nowhere Boy, talks to James Mottram about his preparation for the role – and his much-publicised romance with the film's director, Sam Taylor-Wood

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