The day that all hell broke loose in Basra

The war was over, soldiers felt safe enough to wear berets and to patrol the streets of southern Iraq in soft-skinned jeeps. But the sense of improving security in Basra was tragically short lived.

Britain ends combat operations in Iraq

Britain and Iraq have begun a "long-term partnership of equals", Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared today as the end of UK combat operations there was announced.

The Dawn of a new Basra

With the date set for British troops to leave, Kim Sengupta ventures on to the streets to find a city at peace with itself – for now

Without fanfare or much thanks, Britain departs from Iraq

Five years and 10 months after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Gordon Brown yesterday announced a date for Britain's final disengagement from the most bitter, controversial military involvement of recent history. He made the momentous announcement during a brief visit to the country during which the details of the withdrawal of the last remaining 4,100-strong force were settled with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

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Family wins battle for Baha Mousa inquiry

A senior judge will lead an independent public inquiry into the death of Baha Mousa, an Iraqi hotel receptionist, who died while being held by British soldiers in 2003.

Army chiefs 'ignored warnings' spy plane was unsafe to fly

The Ministry of Defence is bracing itself for what is set to be the most damaging allegations so far over failure to provide service personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan with adequate equipment. An inquest this week into 14 men who died when an ageing Nimrod spy plane exploded in mid-air in 2006 will hear evidence that the MoD ignored repeated warnings from RAF pilots and ground crew that the planes were unsafe to fly.

Harper Regan, National Theatre: Cottesloe, London

In his last play, Motortown, Simon Stephens sent a squaddie, newly returned from Basra, on a brutal, alienated road trip through an England that had become a foreign country to him. There's a similarly picaresque and circular structure to his new play, Harper Regan, but this time it's a female protagonist who embarks on the journey.