Bill Clinton

Stars, politicians and 15,000 fans turn out to send off Muhammed Ali

The people's champ could not have wished for a more perfect send-off. The sky over his native Louisville was crystal blue. Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis – two of his successors when the heavyweight crown still meant something – were among the pall bearers. At the funeral service a king was in attendance and a former president spoke. But, best of all, the people, the ordinary people who he had thrilled, inspired, and given hope, were there en masse to say goodbye.

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US presidential election is the greatest political spectacle on earth

From Truman proving the press wrong to the Supreme Court solemnly mulling Florida’s ‘hanging chads’, the US election has given us some compelling real-world drama. With a socialist insurgent on the left and The Donald on the right, this one looks set to follow suit