Bill Clinton

Newtown massacre: Washington shows first ripples of what could become

Only hours after President Barack Obama chided his nation at an inter-faith memorial service in Newtown, Connecticut, for not doing enough to protect its children from violence, a small but swelling chorus broke out in Washington offering him support for new curbs on gun ownership.

Tony Blankley: Colourful adviser to Newt Gingrich

Unless you're the White House spokesman, opining daily on matters of war and peace, a press secretary normally doesn't become a public figure in a button-downed place like Washington, drenched in political correctness. The exception was Tony Blankley. For seven momentous years in the 1990s he was spokesman for Newt Gingrich, as the Georgia Congressman led the "Republican Revolution" that in 1994 gave the party control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years. The turbulent and swaggering Speaker-to-be and his somewhat rotund, heavy-smoking aide with a British accent, a gift for soundbites and an unashamed taste for the good things of life, were made for each other.

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A sore loser or a potent advocate, it's time for Bill to make up his

It'll be terrific on the night. With Bill Clinton it always is. Far less certain is whether his convention speech tonight will lay to rest the lingering uncertainties about his involvement in the Obama campaign this autumn, his role in the party and – not least – his peace with himself.

Chelsea could be president, says Bill

His wife has yet to give up the fight for her party's 2008 presidential nomination, but Bill Clinton is already offering a back-up plan to ensure that the family name occupies high office in America long after his own tenure as president. What's wrong with President Chelsea Clinton, say in 2016?

Damon Dash: The man who would be Bling

Damon Dash has a butler, a chef, a glass-roofed limo... and a lot of time on his hands. Eric Konigsberg glimpses the existential angst of the hip-hop mogul who sold up after his every diamond-encrusted dream had come true