Blood Pressure

A hot bath has benefits similar to exercise

We all know a long, hot bath is relaxing – but new research suggests it can also burns calories, help control blood sugar and keep blood vessels healthy. What's not to like? 

Rip-off Romney: How it cost $1,000 a day to follow Mitt

What price a night with Mitt Romney? Now you could probably have a Michelin-starred dinner with change from £100 (Mitt doesn't drink) but when the 2012 US Presidential election was at its epoch back in October, you wouldn't get much change from $1,000 (£615). And you'd have to share your meal with Romney's exhausted campaign staff.

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Opinions are divided over cause of huge drop in heart disease

It is one of medicine's mysteries: what has caused Britain's plummeting rate of heart disease over the last decade? Deaths from heart attacks have halved since 2002 and no one is quite sure why. Similar changes have occurred in countries around the world, but the death rate in England has fallen further and faster than almost anywhere.

Christina Patterson: Let's seize the chance to curb high pay

We have a business," said Sir Fred Goodwin, "that's strong and resilient." He was, he said, feeling "galvanised". And so, it seemed, was his chairman. "I'm a great believer," said Tom McKillop, "in adversity sorting out who the long-term winners will be".