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Ice-T, Chuck D, Melle Mel & Raekwon, Hammersmith Apollo, London

As they say in the US, "game recognises game" - and hip-hoppers rarely hesitate to bestow honour upon its pioneers for teaching those next in line a thing or two - especially those who are doing it so well. So there's moments tonight when, despite being age-mates, Public Enemy's venerable Chuck D pays tribute to the legendary Melle Mel, calling him "teacher" ("You snatched the pedal out of my hand son!" Mel shouts back, beaming). Later, the PE frontman nods like a proud dad as he watches fellow New Yorker Raekwon take his turn on the mike - and when the latter introduces "the man of the hour, my brother, your brother" Ice-T, you can't help notice the smallest gesture of respect.

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Band of Horses, O2 Academy Brixton, London

A little more than eight months after their third album, Infinite Arms, was released, Band of Horses take the stage at Brixton Academy to a vocal reception from a packed house. In seven years of existence, the band has had a staggering 15 different members, but as the Carolina five-piece launch into their set, you'd never guess that only lead singer, Ben Bridwell, has been a constant: they feel like old friends, both to each other and to their fans.

London: Roads to nowhere

Imagine a London where the best-known districts no longer exist, crushed by vast, elevated motorways. It's a chilling vision – and one that almost came to pass

Skunk Anansie, Brixton Academy, London

It's enough to to give you the willies. Silhouetted against a screen that stretches across the entire stage, three figures appear with the menacing shapes of a gangster, a vampire and some kind of bat/crow hybrid. The figures, when the screen drops, turn out to be the majority of Brit-rock veterans Skunk Anansie.