Peekaboo: Embrace your feminine side

Holey moley! Men in lace is the surprise trend of the spring/summer 2016 shows. But it isn’t just a catwalk fantasy: it’s trickling onto sale rails and even the high street. Rebecca Gonsalves grapples with guys in guipure.

London Fashion Week highlights a fashion industry in flux

Is there a seismic shift happening in fashion? Or is it all a storm in a teacup? There's something that feels unstable and mid-flux right now, designers uncertain as to what they should offer, what consumers may want. How is this uncertainty reflected on the catwalks? By a disparate offering, by logos and names changing and shifting, and by collections composed largely of the small stuff: handbags, shoes. Fragments of a whole. 

Floriane de Saint Pierre on what sets French labels apart

Floriane de Saint Pierre is the industry's most influential talent-spotter, and has both placed and created some of the key positions in fashion brands, masterminding the appointments of figures such as Christopher Bailey at Burberry

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