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GM mosquitoes deployed to control Asia's dengue fever

A genetically modified mosquito carrying an artificial fragment of DNA designed to curb the insect's fertility has been released for the first time in south-east Asia as part of an ambitious attempt to combat deadly dengue fever that affects up to 100 million people worldwide.

Swiss banking whistleblower is spared prison

The former Swiss banker who claims to have given WikiLeaks the names of companies, politicians and celebrities guilty of persistent tax evasion was ordered to pay a nominal fine equivalent to £4,600 yesterday after he was convicted of coercion and breaking bank secrecy laws at a trial in Zurich.

On The Road: The marvels of modern rock art on Dorset's Jurassic Coast

I love a good pebble. Smooth to the touch and totally individual. They've become synonymous with calm: used in Zen gardens, wallpaper on iPhones and by designers on tablemats to bring the outside in. In Lyme Regis, there's a whole beach of them. And on this beach I found Adrian Gray (pictured above) engrossed in the fine art of stone balancing. Not just pebbles in this case, but huge, back-wrenching stones that he somehow rests on one another at incredible angles. It really is a case of "how does he do that?". Is it sticky tape, magic or spiritualism? Well none of these. As Adrian says: "It's a paradox of fragility and solidity. These are really heavy stones, balanced in a very, very fragile way. It's the illusionary quality that makes it so magical. Your brain is telling you that's not possible, while your eyes say it is."

Best for island escapes: Cyprus

From up there, you can see everything," said the speedboat's grizzled captain, pointing skywards with a grin and a wink. And with that, he snapped me into my parachute, leant on the boat's throttle – and lifted me gently from the deck and into the air, attached only by the slenderest of ropes to the back of his craft as it bounced through the waves beneath me.

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Hurricane Gustav kills nearly 70 in Caribbean

Tropical storm Gustav was blamed yesterday for at least 68 deaths in the Caribbean and US forecasters said it could hit New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico oil fields as a potentially powerful hurricane next week.

Grand Cayman Island: East Enders

Grand Cayman's western shores may be full of shopping malls and sleek hotels – but the island has a gentler side, as Kate Eshelby discovers