Ramzan Kadyrov hits back at YouTube mockery of burning skyscraper

Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, says he has identified the people who posted mocking videos on YouTube when Grozny’s tallest building caught fire last week. He added that they have been arrested and will be forced to take part in rebuilding the skyscraper.

Investigative reporter beaten up in Moscow

A prominent Russian journalist has become the latest reporter from Novaya Gazeta newspaper to be attacked. She was beaten late last night by unknown assailants in the Moscow suburb where she lives.

Politkovskaya suspect arrested in Chechnya

The man suspected of shooting Anna Politkovskaya, one of Russia's best known and most fearless journalists, has been arrested at his family home in his native Chechnya.

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A reminder of a war that barely registers in Moscow

Islamic militants emerged as the most likely suspects behind the Moscow airport attack. There has been no claim of responsibility but early witness reports suggested the bomber had a "North Caucasus appearance".

Dozens killed in aiport suicide blast

A suicide bomber killed more than 30 people and injured about 140 when he blew himself up in a packed terminal at Moscow's busiest airport today.