Chemical Weapons

UN destroys Assad's chemical weapons

The Dutch diplomat overseeing the removal of Syria’s deadly chemical weapons tells Fernande van Tets in Beirut  that the mission might be behind schedule, but she is determined it will be completed by the June deadline

More chemical weapons inspectors on way to Syria

The chief of the global chemical weapons watchdog has said it is sending a second team of inspectors to Syria to expand its high-stakes, high-risk mission to rid the country of its poison gas stockpile.

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Paralysis over action in Syria fuels calls for reform of moribund UN

Staring delegates at the General Assembly in the face this week is a crisis at the heart of the UN system, namely the sclerosis besetting the 15-member Security Council as demonstrated vividly by its inability to respond so far to the civil war in Syria. Not a few among them are taking notice.