Chris Smith

Rangers 4 St Mirren 0: Whittaker at double as Rangers cruise on

Steven Whittaker doubled his tally for the season yesterday to send Rangers seven points clear at the top of the Scottish Premier League and heap the pressure on title rivals Celtic who face Falkirk today. "I'll feel a lot better if we still have that lead on Monday morning," said Rangers manager, Walter Smith.

Overnight (15)

The documentary genre has addressed the problem, too, notably in Chris Smith's brilliant essay American Movie about the would-be horror auteur Mark Borchardt, the Ed Wood of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. It offers the spectacle of a man so driven to get his "project" made that his perseverance passes through hopelessness and comes out the other side resembling a weird form of heroism. I thought of his example during Overnight, a new documentary about a Hollywood crash-and-burn, and was reminded that Borchardt, whatever else he lacked (talent, for instance), was never lost for charm. Troy Duffy could learn a lot from him.