'My best find was in a skip': Wayne Amiel reveals his dedication to

I used to know the streets round London's Clapham Old Town reasonably well, wheeling pushchairs past the grand façades of The Pavement, balancing small children on swings in Grafton Square, haring after scooters in Rectory Gardens. Someone once told me this was the oldest squat in London. I like Rectory Gardens – the random collections of stuff tacked on to walls, the small bits of garden laid straight on to the street, shored up with timber offcuts, casually, promiscuously planted with marigolds and lettuce, petunias and parsley.

Residents vent anger at Boris Johnson

London mayor Boris Johnson faced a barrage of criticism from angry residents as he toured the devastation in riot-hit Clapham with Home Secretary Theresa May.

Walker spoils stroll for County

Notts County 1 Burton Albion 1: After a flying start, Eriksson's big spenders are shown that escaping League Two will not be easy

The Avalon, 16 Balham Hill, London SW12

What do you want from your friendly neighbourhood gastropub? Striking the right balance between pub and gastro is a tricky business, like getting the correct proportions of gin and Cointreau in a White Lady. You can't afford to dispense entirely with the pints-and-pork-scratchings, pubby stuff, or your inherited clientele will totter uncertainly off elsewhere. But if you start offering pub customers "confit leg of venison" in a "star anise jus" for £13.50, you've got to ensure the quality matches the pretension.

Complete Guide To: The Yorkshire Dales

This old-world idyll of beautiful villages and striking moorland has something for all creatures great and small. Harriet O'Brien encounters waterfalls, wildlife and Wensleydale