Art by Damon Albarn's father is anything but Blurry

The scene is ostensibly retro: Colchester's Minories Gallery packed with artists and liggers, jigsaw-puzzle pieces being exchanged for free drinks, the walls and floors covered with Op Art and trippy digital prints. And centre-stage is a tallish man in a mustard-yellow corduroy suit.

British Museum to loan out valuable treasures to sites around the

The British Museum is set to loan out valuable treasures, including a Roman bronze of Herakles, to sites around the country as part of what it has dubbed the “Spotlight Tours” to bring them to as many people as possible. This is expected to pave the way to more local partnerships with major galleries and museums.

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Camulodunum, Firstsite, Colchester

Colchester's Firstsite has a dramatic new building, a golden curving shell designed by Raphael Viñoly that hugs a garden and gently preserves an ancient Roman mosaic under a glass floor at the heart of the gallery. The Berryfield Mosaic was discovered in 1923 with a human skeleton, oyster shells and pottery, and it can be read as a kind of cornerstone for Firstsite's opening exhibition, Camulodunum (the exhibition title taken from the old name for Colchester). The tone is set by Danh Vo's huge sculpture We the People (2011), part of a larger work in which he is making a replica of each part of the Statue of Liberty in copper. Packing crates, tools and rags are strewn around a huge hand, which will never likely never find its way on to an arm.