Splurge or Save: The 7 best makeup dupes

While the occasional spree can be forgiven, for most of us forking out on lust-worthy cosmetics isn’t something we can afford to do all the time. Olivia O’Grady investigates which high street beauty bargains measure up to their cult-classic counterparts 

How to colour correct: A cheat sheet

Thanks to a new spin on concealer multi-coloured hues are your answer to skin tone perfection. Sarah Young investigates why it’s time to master colour correcting formulas 

Ruth Patrick: Campaigner whose work galvanised the environmental

Ruth Patrick's studies of freshwater ecology in the 1930s helped galvanise the later environmental movement, and her success in a profession dominated by men charted a course for other female scientists. She began focusing on ecology at a time when the dangers of pollution barely pierced the public consciousness; her husband, the entomologist Charles Hodge IV, described life with her as "like being married to the tail of a comet."

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How To Be Beautiful: Tried and trusted products

Beauty, like fashion, feeds on novelty only to a certain extent. Cosmetics' shades and textures change seasonally with the clothes they accompany on the catwalks, but in the same way that there are some things in your wardrobe that thankfully stay pretty much the same year-in, year-out (the classic white tee, a trench coat, your pants… that kind of thing), there are a few essentials in your make-up bag that rarely alter.