Credit Crisis

Premier Foods battles for survival after Tesco row

Mr Kipling may bake exceedingly good cakes but his parent company put out an exceedingly bad trading update yesterday. Premier Food's shock announcement prompted a 40 per cent collapse in its share price and raised questions over its future.

Mission Drift, Traverse, Edinburgh

The Team don't do things by halves. The New York-based Theatre of the Emerging American Movement state their mission as being to dissect what it means to be an American, living in America today.

Canterbury's Roman Museum could fall victim to the credit crunch

Canterbury City Council is the latest local authority set to close museums as part of cost-cutting measures. It is wielding the budget axe and has decided that saving the city’s Christmas lights is more important than keeping the Roman Museum open to the public.

Landlord driving you mad?

... Then you are not alone. As the recession bites, tenants and buyers are lodging a record number of complaints against property professionals. Graham Norwood investigates

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