David Cameron

How I watched David Cameron lead a country into anarchy

Kim Sengupta was in Beghazi in 2011 when the rebel-held city looked on the brink of falling to Gaddafi’s forces, days before British and French planes began bombing. Now, as a scathing Commons report comes out detailing David Cameron’s lack of preparation, he charts Libya’s transition to chaos and infighting after the intervention

Jeremy Corbyn didn’t radicalise me – Nick Clegg did

It was Clegg’s spine of jelly that radicalised my politics. After his staggering capitulation to a Conservative Party hell-bent on targeting the young and the poor, my conclusion was that if we were to see real change in this country, it would not be via the careerist centre-left

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After Brexit, should referendums be banned? Part 2

Without the EU referendum, we would be living under a Miliband government. In the second of two articles our Chief Political Commentator examines the argument against deciding complex questions by referendums by trying to imagine what would have happened if our constitution ruled them out