David Davis

Tories quick to come out against voting reform

David Cameron and Nick Clegg were hit by a rebellion yesterday over their plan to hold a referendum on the voting system next May on the same day as elections to the Scottish Parliament, Welsh assembly and English councils.

Sandwiches with a smile on the Tory battlebus

His two children Nancy and Elwyn keep asking him: "Why is the election taking so long?", But after two precious nights of good sleep on Friday and Saturday, it seems David Cameron would be quite happy if it lasted even longer.

Tories attacked as 'climate saboteurs'

The Conservative peer Lord Lawson, the Tory MP David Davis and other politicians who have been casting doubt on the science of global warming in advance of next week's Copenhagen climate conference were "climate saboteurs", Ed Miliband, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, said yesterday.

Dominic Grieve: You Ask The Questions

The shadow Home Secretary answers your questions, such as 'Are you just keeping the seat warm for a more illustrious figure?' and 'What was your most expensive expenses claim?'

Pandora: Lembit looks for star comfort

Lembit Opik's encounter with Piers Morgan for GQ magazine was, by common consent, a most unfortunate one for the Liberal Democrat MP. Among the highlights of the tête-à-tête was Opik's potentially embarrassing description of his Cheeky Girl fiancée sharing a bed with her sister. "Liberalism is not just something I put on a ballot paper," he declared.

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Smith faces fresh pressure on 42-day terror detentions

Pressure on Jacqui Smith to back down over plans to hold terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge intensified yesterday after leaked documents suggested ministers were considering allowing suspects to be held under house arrest.

Leading cultural figures attack folly of 42-day detention limit

The spy writer John Le Carré, the actors Colin Firth and Patrick Stewart, the novelist Iain Banks, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and professor of philosophy A C Grayling are among a group of leading figures from the arts and academia who have written to Gordon Brown to oppose the extension of pre-charge detention to 42 days for terrorist suspects.