Drug deaths hit record levels

Campaigners claim 'The Homes Office's pursuit of a tough on drugs strategy is literally killing people' and lay part of the blame at Theresa May's door

I never liked Keith Vaz but he shouldn't have had to stand down

There are worse things to be caught doing, there really are, than a few poppers and rent boys. The right thing for Vaz’s colleagues to have done would have been to punish him quietly as they gather for their sessions on the select committee: ‘Hey Keith, my washing machine won’t go on full spin – any ideas?’

Does Keith Vaz really deserve respect for his privacy?

Vaz has spoken out about the criminalisation of poppers, has appeared to take a relatively stern line about the dangers of illegal drugs, and has led the committee’s inquiry into prostitution laws. There's a pretty strong argument that reporting this story is in the public interest

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