Esther Rantzen

Memories of My Staycation Hell

Who needs Cancun when you've got Cornwall on your doorstep? That's David Cameron's new motto. But will a British holiday put a smile on your face? Not according to these cautionary tales

Diary: Oh Lord, Webber junior

There was J S Bach the Elder and his nephew, the Younger. There was Johann Strauss 1 and the more talented II. Now a new Lloyd Webber is abroad. Nick Webber, 30, son of the great man, former pop group wrangler and jingle composer, has gone legit. He's doing the music for the RSC's new touring production of The Tempest, orchestra, brass, woodwinds, the whole shebang. His papa must be proud. But what do we find Nick telling an interviewer in The Stage? "Instead of the traditional masque, we've done a sort of nightmare wedding as a mini-operetta in four minutes. It's very funny, and ends up as a chaotic, awfully choreographed piece of music and dance, which is my little nod, shall we say, to a certain legacy of mine." Thanks a lot, kid.

Hit & Run: Snog, marry, avoid?

Pub chitchat after a long day in the office is wont to veer towards gossipy banter over insightful political analysis. So imagine the glee at the opportunity to combine the two following Monday's Ask the Chancellors debate on Channel 4.

Esther Rantzen may run for MP

Television host and journalist Esther Rantzen said she could challenge Labour MP Margaret Moran at the next election because she was fed up with the expenses scandal roiling British politics.

Party Of The Week: A night at the Circus

Restraint seemed to be the watchword for guests, if not hosts, at the Royal Albert Hall's opening of Cirque du Soleil, with the trays of orange juice proving more popular than the champagne, and the canapés given the cold shoulder by the new year dieters.

John Sergeant: The happy hoofer

His paso doble may be a bit wonky, but John Sergeant's self-deprecation will win him a whole new television career. David Randall reports

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